Who Am I?



I go by a lot of names but my nom de guerre is Mr. Black and I am a sorcerer. I’ve been an on and off practitioner of the arts for many years now but in total, I’ve been dealing with the weird and wacky for more than a decade.

While I wasn’t a practitioner back when I was living in the Phillippines, I saw and felt first hand the unexplainable. I really started this journey when I got to high school in Canada to search for who I really am.

I’ve practiced and studied the most type of magick, energy work, meditation, dark and light beings, etc. Only when I found chaos magick that my practice really went into overdrive as I really felt the kinship with its teachings.

With that, I went deeper into the rabbit hole; found Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Course, TLOK Direct Magick, Satanism, etc. I eventually stumbled upon the magickal blog-o-sphere and learned even more from them and their experiences.

10+ years later and I feel that I am now a somewhat capable sorcerer. I am now making my own system of sorcery based on my paradigm. Years of empirical observation, testing theories, and models.

I hope that this next part of my life brings an even more exciting adventure for me. Now, lets’ have some fun, shall we?