My System Of Magick v0.1

When I talk about a system of magick, I tend to view it more of the underlying process or force behind it.

I don’t actually tend to talk about the techniques and processes behind a system of magick because to me, these days, its kinda boring. So much material and self proclaimed gurus willing to show you the way, etc – that it would be redundant and not progressive if I were to regurgitate the same thing over and over again.

If I were to talk about a technique or process, it would be on how it can be used in a different way or the idea about it.

My Own Style

So my own style of magick revolves around the idea of what I think magick is, not as an universal energy of some sort, but a universal force that has yet to be explained.

Not like electricity but more so gravity.

And the techniques I used is usually a mish-mash of techniques that I like or have fundamentally trained on in my initial crossing with this path (IIH, ChM, etc).

But how I employ it, and the idea behind it, and why I think it will work and how it will work with the other techniques I would use, is from my own understanding of it.

Choose Your Own Adventure

I guess this is where this begins, and I don’t know where it will take me. TBH, this is just a very time consuming hobby of mine.

I’m not seeking some sort of transcendental knowledge that’ll change humanity, this is for my personal, selfish, very human thirst for the truth and the unknown.

Lets’ have some fun.

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